My Thuan Industrial Park attracts many foreign investors to Nam Dinh province

To successfully realize the goal of attracting investment in the 2021-2025 period with the total capital to attract foreign direct investment in the province reaching over 2 billion USD, in recent times, Nam Dinh has synchronously implemented many solutions. Breakthrough solutions to attract investment to create new impetus for development; In which attracting foreign investment is determined to have a direct impact on socio-economic development, in fact it is one of the bright spots in the province’s economic picture.

My Thuan Industrial Park attracts many foreign investors

The province’s investment promotion activities in 2023 will achieve positive results with a breakthrough in both quantity and quality of projects, many large domestic and foreign investors are interested in investing in Nam Dinh. According to the Department of Planning and Investment, by the end of 2023, the province issued new investment registration certificates and adjusted capital increases for 59 projects, of which 19/20 FDI projects were newly granted with a total registered capital. signed for 328 million USD.


My Thuan IP attracts many foreign investors

Outstanding development agreements signed and granted investment certificates by the Provincial People’s Committee include: Quanta Computer Inc. (Taiwan – China) with a total investment of 120 million USD to produce computers; JiaWei Group (Taiwan – China) invested in building a factory manufacturing plastic and melamine products with a total investment of 42 million USD; Xingyu Safety Technology Company (Singapore) with a total investment of nearly 84.5 million USD; Signed an agreement with Sunrise Material Group (Singapore) to develop an investment project to build a high-tech polymer coating factory with a total investment of 100 million USD in My Thuan Industrial Park.

These are large enterprises and investment projects that apply high technology, are environmentally friendly, have pervasive significance, have an important impact on the province’s reputation, investment environment and are opportunities for economic development. Promising socio-economy of Nam Dinh province.

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