The most typical industrial parks in Nam Dinh

In Nam Dinh province, industrial parks are increasingly being invested in and built. This has contributed to helping Nam Dinh’s economy grow, while also opening up job opportunities for thousands of workers inside and outside the province.

In the article below, My Thuan IP would like to share with you detailed information about the 6 most typical industrial parks in Nam Dinh province today.

1. My Thuan Industrial Park – My Thuan IP

  • Location:My Loc district and Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province
  • Investor:Dai Phong Infrastructure Construction Joint Stock Company

On February 26, 2021, Nam Dinh Provincial People’s Committee decided to establish My Thuan Industrial Park with a total area of ​​158.5 hectares. My Thuan Industrial Park is in the stage of completing its infrastructure.

My Thuan Industrial Park is oriented as a multi-industry industrial park, expected to attract professions such as mechanical, electrical, electronics, agricultural and food processing, construction materials…

Regarding regional connectivity,  My Thuan industrial park is located adjacent to National Highway 21B, direction from Phu Ly to Nam Dinh city, therefore, the industrial park has extremely convenient traffic connection. :
– About 17 km from Liem Tuyen intersection (Hanoi – Ninh Binh Expressway)
– About 8 km from National Highway 10
– 102 km from Noi Bai international airport
– 75 km from Hanoi city center
– Hai Phong port 100 km


The most typical industrial parks in Nam Dinh (photo: My Thuan Industrial Park – Nam Dinh)

Power supply system:  The power supply for My Thuan Industrial Park is taken from the 110kV-E3.14 My Loc hamlet transformer station through 35kV wire lines connected and underground to each plot of land in the industrial park. At the same time, the industrial park was invested in building 04 35kv(22)/0.4 kV transformer stations for lighting power supply purposes.

Water supply system:  uses water supply from Nam Dinh water plant with a total water supply capacity of 75,000 m3/day and night, of which the water supply capacity to serve the industrial park is about 26,000 m3/day and night. Water supply pipes are arranged in a circular form, branching to each plot of land.

Wastewater treatment system:  all production wastewater in My Thuat Industrial Park is collected and treated at the industrial park’s centralized wastewater treatment station with a treatment capacity of 4,500 m3/day and night to standard A first. when discharged to the receiving point.

Internal road system:  the main axis of My Thuan industrial park has a width of 36 m arranged along the North – South axis, branch roads have a width of 21 m, of which the width of the road bed on each side is from 6 – 10 m, width of both sides of the sidewalk and median strip are 12 m and 03 m respectively. The main axis of My Thuan industrial park connects directly to National Highway 21 and National Highway 21B. At the same time, the internal traffic network of the Industrial Park is arranged in a checkerboard format to help facilitate and facilitate circulation.

Rainwater drainage system:  arranged independently of the wastewater drainage system, pipes with sizes from D600-D1500 are load-bearing and go underground with the principle of automatic drainage to Tien Huong River through 03 outlets in the West South of the area, ensuring that flooding does not occur in the industrial park, even when there is heavy rain.
Fire prevention and fighting system:  Fire hydrants are arranged on the sidewalk along the roads in the industrial park My Thuan with a distance of 150 m/pole, using the same clean water supply. At the same time, the industrial park plans to build a fire prevention station with an area of ​​about 1,000 m2 and fully equipped with fire prevention and fighting equipment.
Other infrastructure facilities:  My Thuan industrial park is also invested in building communication systems, service infrastructure, techniques, and other landscapes to create synchronous space and ensure stable operation for the projects. The project operates in the Industrial Park.

2. Hoa Xa Industrial Park

  • Location:Loc Hoa commune & My Xa commune, Nam Dinh city, Nam Dinh province
  • Investor:Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development and Exploitation Company

Hao Xa Industrial Park was established in 2003 with a total planning area of ​​300 hectares. This industrial park focuses on fields that cause little environmental pollution such as mechanical assembly, electronics, textiles, light industry…

Hao Xa Industrial Park was completed in 2013. Up to now, Hao Xa Industrial Park has attracted the participation of nearly 120 businesses, creating jobs for 1.2 thousand workers inside and outside the province, reaching 100% occupancy rate.

Hao Xa Industrial Park is located next to Highway 10, far from the city center. Nam Dinh 3km, Nam Dinh station 3km, Hai Thinh port 50km, Hai Phong port 95km, Hanoi capital center 86km, Noi Bai international airport 112km. It can be seen that the location of Hao Xa Industrial Park is very convenient for transporting goods.

3. My Trung Industrial Park

  • Location:My Trung commune, My Loc district, Nam Dinh province
  • Investor:Hoang Anh Shipbuilding Technology Joint Stock Company

My Trung Industrial Park has been invested in infrastructure construction since 2006 by Hoang Anh Shipbuilding Technology Joint Stock Company. By 2012, due to financial difficulties, the People’s Committee of Nam Dinh province agreed in writing to let Hoang Anh company find a partner to transfer My Trung Industrial Park. However, so far no new investors have been found.

Because the investment infrastructure of My Trung Industrial Park is still unfinished, up to now, this industrial park only has about 13 investors leasing land. These businesses operate in fields such as textile technology, light industry, electronics, shipbuilding, assembly, mechanical engineering…

My Trung Industrial Park has a convenient location for transporting and exporting goods. Specifically, this industrial park is located close to Highway 10, far from the city. Nam Dinh is only 3km, Hai Thinh port is 52km, Nam Dinh station is 60km, Hanoi capital center is 87km, Hai Phong port is 91km, Noi Bai international airport is 113km.

4. Bao Minh Industrial Park

  • Location:Lien Bao commune, Lien Minh commune, Kim Thai commune, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province
  • Investor:Bao Minh Industrial Park Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company

Bao Minh Industrial Park was established in 2007 with a total planning area of ​​215 hectares. Of which, phase 1 with an area of ​​165 hectares has been filled while phase 2 expanding by 50 hectares is under construction.

Bao Minh Industrial Park officially came into operation in 2010. Up to now, this industrial park has attracted a series of leading corporations in the world such as: Sumi Wirings from Sumitomo Corporation (Japan), Sunrise Smart Shirts (Japan). Hong Kong), Padmac (Germany)…

Bao Minh Industrial Park prioritizes attracting industries such as: mechanical processing, garment, electricity, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, machining, packaging, wood processing…

Bao Minh Industrial Park possesses a prime location right next to the North-South national railway and National Highway 10. Bao Minh Industrial Park is far from the city center. Nam Dinh 12km, city center. Ninh Binh 20km, Hanoi capital center 95km, Hai Phong port 90km, Noi Bai airport 118km, Lang Son border gate 270km.

5. Rang Dong Textile and Garment Industrial Park

  • Location:Ninh Co Economic Zone, Rang Dong town, Nghia Hung district, Nam Dinh province
  • Investor:Cat Tuong Real Estate Group (Cat Tuong Group)

Rang Dong Textile and Garment Industrial Park has a total planned area of ​​2,044.6 hectares, including 3 development phases: phase 1 (519.6 hectares) with infrastructure construction starting in 2017, phase 2 (850 hectares) and Phase 3 (675ha).

This industrial park prioritizes attracting investors operating in fields such as garments, accessory manufacturing, supporting industries, office services…

Rang Dong Textile and Garment Industrial Park is conveniently located in Ninh Co economic zone (with airport, seaport and power plant), 10km from Hai Thinh port, 140km from Hai Phong port, 200km from Cai Lan port (Quang Ninh). , Cat Bi international airport 145km, 40km from the center of Hanoi capital.

6. Xuan Kien Industrial Park

  • Location:Xuan Kien commune, Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh province
  • Investor:Dong An Industrial Development Joint Stock Company

Xuan Kien Industrial Park is included in the development planning of Vietnam’s industrial parks up to 2015 and orientation to 2020, approved by the Prime Minister in document No. 1910/TTg-KTN, dated November 10, 2008.

Xuan Kien Industrial Park has a total planned area of ​​200 hectares, and has not yet invested in infrastructure construction. This industrial park aims to attract industries such as warehouse rental, textile industry, mechanical engineering, footwear, assembly… to minimize the impact on the environment.

Above is detailed information about the top 6 most typical industrial parks in Nam Dinh province compiled by Cafeland Real Estate. If you have more information about the above industrial parks, please share with Cafeland Real Estate so everyone can know!


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